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Areas of Application


Download Architectural Specifications: Concrete Surface Repair

Download Architectural Specifications: Joint Filling & Sealing

Decorative + Polished Rapid Concrete Repair

SPEC-UVR: Aliphatic Grouting and Patching Polymer. Does not discolor nor amber. Does not react to water nor moisture.
Cam-O-Patch: Grouting and Patching Polymer, economic option.
Hydrokrete: Dry Mix Cements

Decorative + Polished Concrete Joint Sealant

E-Z Pour: Aliphatic, 100% Pure Polyurea joint sealant, 600% elongation, exceptional adhesion, Shore A 80. Does not crack nor discolor, nor amber. Does not react to water nor moisture.

Commercial + Industrial Rapid Concrete Repair

SSP-500: Heavy-duty floor repair, odorless.
SSP-200: Heavy-duty floor repair. 
Hydrocrete: Dry Mix systems

Commercial + Industrial Concrete Joint Filler

SSP-100100% Pure Polyurea joint filler, Shore A 85. Not affected by water nor moisture.
SSP-90: Polyurea hybrid, Shore A 90, an alternative to epoxy joint fillers. 
SSP-85: Polyurea hybrid, Shore A 85, economic joint filler option.
SSP-50: 100% Pure Polyurea joint sealant, Shore A 50. Not affected by water nor moisture. For outdoor concrete areas.