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SPEC-UVR – Aliphatic Grout and Patching Polymer 

SPEC-UVR is a rapid-setting, self-priming, translucent polymer designed for grouting and patching decorative and polished concrete surfaces. It is moisture tolerant and UV color stable. Meets and exceeds Industry Standards. It will not amber, nor discolor, nor react to moisture, nor ghost stain the concrete. SPEC-UVR can be mixed with Hydrokrete for grouting or Hydrokrete+ for patching.

Available in: 600ml cartridges, 1500ml cartridges, 1 Gal, 2 Gal, 10Gal. 

Architectural design reference: Specification Section 09 01 63 – Concrete Floor Restoration or similarly titled section governing this work. Appearance Levels for Concrete Surface Repair, ACI 310.1.

Downloads & Media

Colors: SPEC-UVR Color Swatch

Technical Data: SPEC-UVR Technical Data 

Safety Data: SPEC-UVR Safety Data A, SPEC-UVR Safety Data B

Berkeley Analytical Test:  VOC Certificate SPEC-UVR

Architectural Specifications: Concrete Surface Repair

Mixing Instructions: Mixing Instructions using Hydrokrete Fine Cements