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We support all levels of the building project, from designing to application for the concrete floor division for concrete prep, and concrete repair. Choose between rigid patching polymers and flexible joint fill polyureas.  We also offer a full line of accessories such as patching aggregates, liquid colors, dispensing guns, and containers. Feel free to give us a call or fill out the customer inquiry form HERE to get a call from one of our experienced staff. 

Polyurea Joint Fillers & Sealants

Joint Seal 600 UV 
Aliphatic, UV Proof, non-crack, non-yellowing, moisture tolerant, 100% pure polyurea Joint Sealant.

Joint Fill 150
Outdoor use, 100% Pure Polyurea, Shore A 50, moisture tolerant, joint filler for outdoor concrete.

Joint Fill 100
100% Pure Polyurea joint filler, Shore A 85. Not affected by water nor moisture.

Joint Fill 90
Polyurea hybrid, Shore A 90, an alternative to epoxy joint fillers.

Joint Fill 85
Polyurea hybrid, Shore A 85, economic joint filler option.

Patching & Grouting Polymers

Camo Patch UV 
Aliphatic, UV Proof Grouting and Patching Polymer. Can be extended with pigments and aggregate to mimic concrete. Moisture tolerant, non-yellowing. 

Camo Patch 
Grouting and Patching Polymer designed to be extended with pigments and aggregate to mimic concrete. 

Patch 500
Fast industrial surface prep polymer, solids.

Patch 200
Fast industrial surface prep polymer. 

Fast Cement Dry Mix Aggregates

Patch Crete
Fine non-shrink cements used for mixing with SSP Polymers for polished concrete repair.

Concrete Stabilizing Foam

Foam CFS 
Expanding foam for concrete stabilization. High Density.

Pump Cleaner
Pump Flush DE 
Pump cleaner. 

Download Architectural Specifications:

Section 09 01 63: Concrete Surface Restoration

Section 07 92 00: Joint Filling & Sealing

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YouTube Channel
(714) 603-7390

Solid Solution Products, Inc.
Anaheim, California